We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

By Michael Rosen; Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Recommended ages: 4-6

This engaging book reprises the old camp chant perfectly. The illustrations lend themselves nicely to lengthy descriptions and laughs. Sing, act out scenes, and share thoughts.

Tanya’s Tips:

  • Start out by asking your child about the illustration on the cover. What does your child think will happen during the story? Can your child identify the printed letters/words? How about the sounds those letters/words make?
  • Speak about the seashore illustration. Has your child ever been to the shore? Can he or she relate an experience?
  • The sounds in the book are phenomenal. Can your child say “swishy-swashy”? What sound does he or she hear in the beginning of the word “sssswishy”? Can he or she identify which letter makes that sound? Does your child understand what is making the “swishy-swashy” sound?
  • The prepositions under, over, and through are stressed throughout the story. Can your child move under, over, and through areas of your home?
  • The illustration of the family going through the river always cracks children up. Ask your child whether he or she thinks the family is enjoying going through the river. Why or why not?
  • After seeing the bear, the story picks up pace significantly. Change the rhythm and stress of your voice to coincide with the illustrations.
  • On the last page, ask your child whether he or she thinks the family will ever go on a bear hunt again. Why or why not?
  • Upon finishing the story, ask your child what the story was about. Can your child remember some of the places the family trudged through?
  • Play time! Reenact the story giving each child a specific role, draw bear pictures (ask your child what his or her bear looks like), or research bears online.