Student Success Plans

Do you know about Tanya’s “Gear up for Success” plan* for students? This one-on-one consultation includes a Skype or phone conversation with parents, document (IEP/evaluation) review, recommendations/accommodations for a successful transition back to school, as well as follow-up. This document is frequently requested by parents to share with home-based and school-based support teams to ensure that learning is optimized. Tips for language comprehension, literacy, fostering good study habits, as well as strategies for homework/project completion are included.

Grades: Pre-k through 12

For more information regarding pricing and setting up an appointment, please email Tanya directly.

*Tanya’s “Gear up for Success” plan is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, but rather support students in making a successful transition back to school while developing a positive regard to learning. Please allocate 2 weeks for the completion of “Gear up for Success” plans.
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